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  1. As I’ve said in a posting following yesterday’s reading, I am very behind in my readings, though I have read comments posted by others. Feeling for the most part that I couldn’t comment without the reading, you haven’t heard from me.

    I have a “light bulb over my head”! LOL I have an idea –
    We wish to promote reading of the Bible in our congregation and though I realize not everyone has this time of computer access or skill ( I have just a little myself ! ); I’m curious if this might be a way to do just that?

    Perhaps a weekly topic? Pastor, I realize you aleady have a full plate – especially right now – but your knowledge and thoughts on things are such a wonderful springboard to ours that I wonder how you feel about doing this?

    Thanks all for your thoughts – I think for some of us it’s easier to write than to speak in front of others. I admit I’m that way myself, But by becoming more involved with activities in our congregation, there’s hope yet!

  2. If we were to go ahead with this we could use the lessons for the previous Sunday and Pastor could use a portion of his sermon as the springboard for conversation.

    There are many times as I listen to his sermons that I have comments or questions popping up in my head, but then is not the time to raise my hand.

    This could be a vehicle to move us in the direction we want to take, and as word gets out perhaps more and more people will participate. How exciting is that!!

  3. What a great idea! I hope this catches on. As Pastor may have noticed, there have been some of his sermons that have touched me so that I was moved to tears. I think when something touches us so – whether prompting questions or stirring emotions – it certainly suggests that there may be more to be said.

  4. This would be a great place to comment on sermons, ask questions and share thoughts. Nancy, it’s a good thing we don’t sit right next to each other because we would run out of tissues!

  5. Carla, I luv ya’ girl! We sure would! I must tell you – one Christmas I received a gift from my daughters, who knew only too well what a weepy mom they had. It was the most unique necklace I had ever seen: it was a box of tissues, with lovely satin ribbon attached to the box. LOL I had my very own (and probably the first ever) Kleenex “pendant/necklace” ! It was great! LOL

    And yes, I think we’re on the way to some interesting exchange of thoughts and ideas!

  6. Yeah, I think this is a pretty good idea. In light of the heavier Lenten schedule, can I make a commitment for after Easter? I may get it figured out before then, but at least you know that my goal is Easter. This is pretty exciting and I couldn’t agree more. We just can’t do better than to have conversations regarding how the Holy Scriptures are touching our lives and if this can be a vehicle for that to happen, then so be it!!

  7. I don’t think we were thinking it would start until after this series finished and that would be after Easter. Hopefully you’ll be able to work it out by using your sermon and the Bible text from the previous Sunday posting it Monday morning. That would be less work for you I would think. Then the congregation can have a dialog on that posting the remainder of the week.

  8. Karen, What do you suppose would happen if you raised your hand and asked a question? Maybe someone else has the same question. Who says that the sermon has to be one sided and not a discussion? Because that is the way that it has always been? Are we sure that is true?

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